From Cradle-to-Grave Hazardous Waste Management Seminar

The City Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO) headed by Ms. Marilou Q. Balba thru Water Quality Management Unit Head, Engr. Ervin Jan D. Piocos conducted “From Cradle-to-Grave Hazardous Waste Management Seminar” for the hospitals, medical services/laboratories, maternity and lying-in clinics at the Atrium Hall last November 11, 2020.

The guest speakers from Cleanway Environmental Management Solutions Inc. (CEMSI) Engr. Sheena Alagar provided hauling and transport service going to their TSD Facility for treatment and disposal. Envirokonsult Equipment & Services, Inc. Pollution Control Officer Debbie Simsuangco discussed their services such as design, building, and operation of fully mechanized septage treatment facilities and they also provide desludging operations and maintenance.

Coun. Aaron Cataquiz and Coun. Kent Lagasca said that they will support the program to give technical assistance in crafting ordinances to help and prioritize each and every constituent of our city. Typhoons and pandemic will serve as a wake-up call to help, save and preserve the environment for our future generation.