Preparation for Oplan Undas 2020

CDRRM Officer Nico Pavino led the meeting on OPLAN Undas 2020. The discussion centered on the Implementation Protocols and Guidelines. The meeting was held at Atrium Hall last September 28, 2020. Attendees of the meeting were City Administrator Engr. Filemon Sibulo, ABC President Diwa Tayao, PLTCOL Arvin Avelino, CHO Head Dr. Robert Olivares, and PAIO Head Jimbo Ambayec.

City Mayor Lourdes S. Cataquiz has ordered the closure of all public and private cemeteries in the city from October 29 to November 4. However, people are encouraged to conduct an early and post-visit starting October 5 to October 28 and November 5 to 15 respectively.